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What is Lightwork exactly?

Lightworkers are old souls who have recognized that they are connected to God and the Universe, or a higher power.

We intuitively have the urge to help people in a positive way. This does not necessarily have to do with faith or religion. No, rather, we want to raise the vibration of the human family on the planet, or rather maintain their high vibrations.

Light does not refer to brightness, but to the spiritual or divine energy that we carry within us. This energy has a different name in all cultures. In India, it is called "Prana" or in Chinese "Chi" (or "Qi"). This energy connects and permeates everything through vibrations.

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The purpose of lightworkers


As lightworkers, it is said that we are incarnated here as starseeds. In my generation, we are often referred to as Indigo children, or now, Indigo adults. Younger generations are also referred to as Rainbow children, Crystal children, or Diamond children. As Indigos on this world, we realized early on that something was not quite right here. We never felt fully belonged, preferred to be alone or with older individuals, and couldn't relate to peers as they seemed too childish. School was a tedious obligation, and we never understood why it was said, "You learn for yourself and for life." They didn't teach us what was truly essential.

Conforming and submitting? That's not our forte! In fact, we question everything and everyone. We reluctantly followed illogical rules as children, but now, if possible, we categorically reject them. Because we know that anything that doesn't serve us well keeps our vibration low, and we avoid that.

Many of us have struggled in our lives from an early age, as we had to learn to manage that inner flame; meaning, recognizing, accepting, expanding, and using our abilities in a controlled manner. It took years, even decades, and countless different life situations to truly understand what that is and why we landed on this planet. Instead of support, we often encountered misunderstanding and were told from childhood that what we experienced was not normal. So we learned to ignore or suppress it completely. But time and again, people came into our lives who were similar to us, who understood us, worked with us, and trained us. Often, these individuals triggered our memories of why we are here. The more we were excluded, the more we turned inward to the source of our being and found ourselves. It had to be this way so that we could become stronger and better fulfill our purpose. Because we grow with and through every new challenge!

I had the incredible luck that my grandma recognized early on that I am an "old soul" and supported me as much as she could. How did she know? One evening, I didn't want to go to my childhood bed, but instead, I wanted to go home. She asked where, and I pointed to the sky... She was the only one at that time who understood that I could communicate with the deceased.


It's a damn long and rocky road.

Our own awakening, accepting ourselves in our uniqueness, learning, evolving, and transforming. Everything is one; everything is pure energy. The universe helps and supports us. We are given new lessons until we understand why each lesson came up. Yes, some situations or people come back regularly because we didn't want to or couldn't understand them. It can be frustrating, but it serves solely for our growth.

Of course, it would be much easier to follow the herd and not stand out. But that is not the purpose of our existence!



Woran man Lichtarbeiter erkennen kann:

* Spirituell

* Alte Seele

* Keine Dramaqueen

* Empfindsam, empathisch

* Tieferes Verständnis

* Naturverbunden

* Fokussierung aus das Wesentliche

* Materielles wird unwichtig

* Weisheit

* Bewusstsein

* Selbstwachstum und tiefes Selbstbewusstsein

* Frontman / Führungsstark

* Einzelgänger

* Schicksalsschläge

* Starke Energien

* Manifestation

* Anders - Sein

* Andere Glaubenssätze

* Gesundheit  für alle

* Erkennen, dass unsere Existenz einem Zweck dient

* Dringlichkeit der Mission zu folgen

* Lernen & Lehren

* Der Weg der Liebe


Recognizing oneself as a lightworker or as an indigo, rainbow, crystal, or diamond child can be a profound self-realization that often comes with a sense of being different and not fitting in. Many people who identify as such may exhibit the following characteristics or aspects:

  • Spiritual awareness and interest in esoteric or metaphysical topics.
  • Sensitivity and empathy towards others and living beings.
  • Deeper understanding of life and the universe.
  • Being in tune with nature and environmentally conscious.
  • Focusing on the essentials and valuing non-materialistic aspects of life.
  • Wisdom and a heightened level of consciousness.
  • Commitment to self-growth and deep self-awareness.
  • Strong leadership qualities and the ability to take charge.
  • Preferring solitude or being an introvert.
  • Experiencing challenges or hardships in life that shape their perspective.
  • Sensitivity to energy and the ability to sense and work with subtle energies.
  • Belief in the power of manifestation and creating reality.
  • Feeling different or not adhering to mainstream beliefs.
  • Advocating for holistic health and well-being for all.
  • Recognizing that our existence serves a purpose or mission.
  • Feeling a sense of urgency to follow their life's mission.
  • Emphasis on learning and teaching.
  • Following the path of love and compassion.